Private home furnishing

Furnishing your home

Micucci Arredamenti’s wood craftsmen are ready to put creativity and experience at your home‘s disposal, to furnish it as you want, with quality furniture, nice to see and resistant. Simplicity and efficiency are the cornerstones on which we build all our products.

Private home furnishing

Furnishing your home, our commitment for over 30 years

A story that has lasted for over 30 years in the design and realisation of home furniture allows us to conceive and package solutions capable to meet your taste and your needs.

We well know that furnishing a home is one of the most intimate and personal activities we can do, because it is equivalent to building a place capable of representing those who live there. At the same time, in order to make spaces perfectly liveable, the furnishing of a home must consider everyday needs and be equipped with many small expedients that make everyday life lighter.

We don’t want to teach you how to furnish a home, but we want to help you do it better, by realizing your projects.

Home furnishing,first choice furniture

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Furnishing a home with personality,
to any space itscharacter

Each room has its own soul and function. The right furniture serves to make them come out. With our furniture, your home will become special, ready to amaze all your friends. It will also be practical and functional. Because for us the important thing is that you can relax and live serenely.

Bedroomfurnishing, relaxation and functionality

Furnishing for a double bedroom is certainly different from that for a single bedroom. In both, however, there must be furniture capable of designing a relaxing and functional environment, a perfect shelter to rest.

Living room furnishing, beauty and hospitality

Imagining the furniture for the living room means taking care of the place where you will welcome your guests. Living room furniture is required to be comfortable but also welcoming, to please the eyes and warm the heart.

Kitchenfurnishing, practicality and warmth

You can choose a modern kitchen furnishing or a more classic style but what you can’t give up is practicality and warmth. Kitchen furniture is the most important one in the house, they must be beautiful and resistant, an investment that lasts over time.