Micucci arredamenti

Furniture for shops, businesses,
contracts and private homes

Since 1973, we have been making personalized and tailor made furniture for:

Over the years, we have specialized ourselves in furnishing delis for the “3P” sector: panifici (bakeries), pasticcerie (confectioneries) and pizzeria (pizza restaurants).

Quality, beauty and functionality: the secrets of our business, private and contract furnishing

The Micucci Arredamenti brand is a guarantee of great professionalism. Our furniture is made by craftsmen masters. Each piece is unique and encompasses three characteristics which should never be renounced: quality, beauty and functionality.

The quality of the materials and the craftsmanship
that guarantee a perfect result. We never get tired of continuously learning and experimenting new solutions.
The beauty of the aesthetics
because looking good to the eye is essential too. A well furnished venue transmits satisfaction and joy to customers and to those who live it.
The daily functionality
because things that are done well are practical and effective. It’s easy to complicate but the real challenge is to simplify.

Unique solutions for your furnishing: shops, restaurants and hotels

Our business furniture will help make your location feel original. We have the right furnishing for every type of business: hotels, restaurants, cafes, ice cream parlors, sandwich bars, delis and so on.

The furniture is unique and stunning to look at as well as being convenient and productive. In this way, you can get maximum profit with minimum effort.

We perfectly know all the different sectors and we also know that the furnishing of a restaurant could never have the same conception as hotel furnishings. For this reason, we propose studied tailor made solutions.

Choose to furnish your home with furniture of excellence

Each room has its soul and its function. The right furnishing is needed to unleash them. Your home will become special with our furniture, leaving your friends startled.

It will also be practical and functional.

Your relaxation and serenity is of our utmost importance.

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